Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Recently -like many other ace bloggers- I've been thinking about Squishes.
Yes, that's right- Squishes, the asexual version of a crush.
For me (and I think many other asexuals) a squish is like the fledgling stages of a crush, or rather, a crush that a younger person may have.
Now, I'm not saying that asexuals are immature (Well, I can be, but that was always going to happen, asexuality or not), but that a squish is like a crush without the sexual tension. Sure, you are ridiculously happy whenever your victim -ahem, object of your affections- does anything to acknowledge you, and it may result in some hardcore Facebook stalking just like a regular crush, but there isn't the desire to do more than hug, hold hands and generally be intimate in a non-sexual way.
Now, to me.
I'm currently 'Squishin' majorly on someone- so majorly that it has become, in fact, Squishzilla.
But I have a teensy problem. He isn't asexual. Quite the opposite in fact, and he wouldn't understand asexuality if it was explained to him.
So... Say even if I was sexual, I would have a 10% chance of getting together with him.
Well, I have a less than 0.1% chance of getting together with him the way things are.
People that think that because asexuals don't have to 'worry' about sex, their lives are automatically easier, but... It's definitely not the case.


  1. Great post on a great blog! Just found you today & added your RSS to our google-reader.

    If you'd like to cross-post at, you could reach a lot more readers and you would be perfect addition to the community / conversation.


  2. I thought squishes were the aromantic version of a crush? Having strong feelings for someone, without wanting to actually form a relationship/do anything physical...

  3. So there's a name for how I feel sometimes! Nice.

    Keep up your blogging, it's interesting.

  4. As Emile, I also understand squish as inherently aromantic. The point is not renouncing to a relationship for its impossibility, but not wanting it at all.

  5. @the national gadfly: Thanks! That's a good idea.
    @Emile and Isaac: I hadn't come across that. :)
    @Stephanie: Thanks also! And don't worry, I won't give up... Not even if your guys get bored :P