Sunday, 21 February 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Look at this blog! I feel disgraceful. I don't even want to look at the last post date.

Yes, and I know that the title is rather out of date- as I said, I haven't been 'here' for ages.
So, people- I'm here to talk about Valentines Day.

Being asexual and also single, I'm not consumed by the relationship-frenzy that most people seem to enter. Sure, seeing the streets filled with loved-up couples can be amusing or annoying, depending on your perspective, but I don't usually celebrate or bemoan the day any more than I do Mondays. Actually, bad choice. I HATE Mondays.
What I do have a slight problem with, is that Valentines Day is for couples. The days of sending non-joke cards to friends are apparently long gone by the time we leave primary school. I love sending cards and making/finding gifts for friends on any occasion (generosity+procrastination=win) and I don't think Valentines should be any exception. I like expressing and sharing the lurve for everyone- don't tell me my little brother receiving a mahoosive box of chocolates and practically screaming in joy isn't in the Valentines spirit :) A few people I know like to celebrate Valentines with everyone, and that's awesome. But not everyone does, and the impression hallmark likes to give is almost as if those not in a relationship should be punished. And that hurts, a little bit. Because even though I'm very happy with my 'relationship status' at the moment, thanks very much- the whole obsessive marketing of the days makes me feel a little bit, well.... sad. And Valentines Day (Or V-Day) shouldn't do that, should it?
Because if it should, those cherubs with their happy faces are dirty rotten liars.