Sunday, 21 February 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Look at this blog! I feel disgraceful. I don't even want to look at the last post date.

Yes, and I know that the title is rather out of date- as I said, I haven't been 'here' for ages.
So, people- I'm here to talk about Valentines Day.

Being asexual and also single, I'm not consumed by the relationship-frenzy that most people seem to enter. Sure, seeing the streets filled with loved-up couples can be amusing or annoying, depending on your perspective, but I don't usually celebrate or bemoan the day any more than I do Mondays. Actually, bad choice. I HATE Mondays.
What I do have a slight problem with, is that Valentines Day is for couples. The days of sending non-joke cards to friends are apparently long gone by the time we leave primary school. I love sending cards and making/finding gifts for friends on any occasion (generosity+procrastination=win) and I don't think Valentines should be any exception. I like expressing and sharing the lurve for everyone- don't tell me my little brother receiving a mahoosive box of chocolates and practically screaming in joy isn't in the Valentines spirit :) A few people I know like to celebrate Valentines with everyone, and that's awesome. But not everyone does, and the impression hallmark likes to give is almost as if those not in a relationship should be punished. And that hurts, a little bit. Because even though I'm very happy with my 'relationship status' at the moment, thanks very much- the whole obsessive marketing of the days makes me feel a little bit, well.... sad. And Valentines Day (Or V-Day) shouldn't do that, should it?
Because if it should, those cherubs with their happy faces are dirty rotten liars.


  1. Welcome back. There's a delicious irony in the fact that your last post, titled 'Merry Christmas', was in very early December, followed by a very late February "Happy Valentine's Day".

    I agree with you on all this. I think I might try and write something very insightful for Valentine's Day next year, about how it privileges romantic relationships (even more than usual).

    Also, generosity+procrastination does indeed =win.

  2. Delicious irony? Yeah, that's about right. I was never one for the calendular constrains of everyday life. And yes, calendular is a word. In my world.

    I agree that Valentines isn't all about couples, but that's how it's portrayed, and when I try and do something meaningful with someone I love platonically, it's almost always misconstrued. Last year, my - same sex- best friend and I accidentally found ourselves having lunch together in a themed cafe, and attracted some hurtful (albeit mixed in with supportive) comments. Although the situation was pretty open to interpretation, we obviously weren't a couple, just two friends.
    So, to sum it all up- Valentines for us singletons can be fun too!

  3. For me, it seems that the default state for anyone single on valentine's day is 'Depressed'. Many of my single friends remarked, seemingly offhandedly, about being down all day. Hell, I can't even remember what I did! It was probably homework and computer games, knowing me. This alone is more annoying than clingy couples. I honestly don't see what's so bad about not having someone to buy stuff for. It's not like they're going to die because they don't make out all day, is it?

    No, ignore all that. Clingy couples are WAY more annoying.

    BTW, I'm stalking you ;) Get well soon!