Sunday, 27 September 2009

Coming Out In Middle School-Review

I recently read the Times article about 'Coming Out in Middle School'.
It's quite a long article (which is a nice change from the paragraph-or-two space-filling articles about teen sexuality) which talks mostly to American teenagers from 12 to 16 (again, covering new ground).
I liked the article because it didn't offer the opinion that these teens just 'didn't know themselves' and provided positive viewpoints.

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  1. I really liked that article. I found it via Twitter a while ago; it's very nice! I've known I was gay since about seventh grade. Because of my region, I forced my way into a straight relationship to be "normal". It wasn't a disaster per se, but it didn't last long. One date. XD

    I wish I had found all of these online communities in seventh grade. Then I might be more comfortable with my crushes now. Eurgh. The way I was raised makes me feel very creepy whenever I have any attraction-based thoughts about another guy. It's something I'm working through.

    Still loving the blog. :D