Sunday, 7 November 2010


I'm quite an aggressive asexual, as you may have noticed.
I'm big on visibility, and I really enjoy fucking with people's stereotypes - although I try to be careful not to be boring (though I do like Lego's cartoon from the most recent version of AVENues, which illustrates the whole 'only straight people get to assert their orientation' thing beautifully).
I carry my homemade keyring on my bag everywhere, with the playing card on one side and the "Asexuals: there's more of us then you think" slogan on the other and wear my black ring everywhere, too, despite my school jewellery code (freakishly flexible fingers come in handy, there).

However, I'm a bit of a coward when it comes to other sorts of visibility - being in the closet to my family, for example. I know that some AVENites have gone down as saying that they're happy to answer personal questions in interviews, but as soon as it's more close to home, they get worried.
Does anyone else feel the same confidence/secrecy dichotomy to do with pride as it concerns strangers, family and friends?