Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Tumblr and Queer Secrets

Helloo, dar!
Tis me again. Now, this post will be very short- not just because of my, admittedly large bout of laziness, but because my keyboard is broken and unless I manually edit everything I type, taking 4 times as long to create legible text as usual, my
'keuyboard 'tuypes 'like 'thjis, 'godamnmnit. 'It 's 'mnot 'hjuyst 'tuypo 'riddemn, 'it 's 'tuypo 'HJELL.

Phew, I'm glad I got that out. This thing has been driving me mad all day! Ahem.
First off- I'd like to direct your attention to Queer Secrets. Have you heard of it? If the answer is yes, proceed to page 3. Or the end of the blog post. Whatever.
If you haven't, you're in luck (or not).
Queer Secrets is a Tumblr-based, Post Secret-type blog that posts... You guessed it... Secrets of a LGTBQWERTUYIOP nature.
Each secret is sad and sweet, a mix of the famous FML and the more upbeat GMH "so popular with the youngins' these days".
Around '10+ secrets are posted daily, and there are a good few asexual ones, positive and negative.
Sadly, I find most of the negative ones resonate withe me- though that's probably because my 'ace problems' are quite common, whereas my 'ace pride moments' aren't!
Here's the link. enjoy!

P.S. I'm sorry in advance for any awful typos I may have missed. *kills keyboard*
P.S.S.- Are you ladles and gentlespoons excited about the ace flag voting? 'Cus I am! Actually, on 'Queer Secrets I've seen one particular design being used as the de facto one already, so I hope to goodness it wins.

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