Wednesday, 21 July 2010

An little update from the asexual in the corner

It's only been eleven days since my last blog post, which isn't too bad, for me.

And now here I am, writing about the only things I have experience of that pertain to this blog; asexuality and being a teenager (more on this later, actually).

Little update: My ring is garnering some wonderful attention. Despite it being made of some semi-precious gem or glass-like material, it has suffered some pretty heavy abuse (very unlike my last one!) so I'm just lucky, I guess. It's facets also sparkle prettily, which is an awesome bonus!
Now, on to the attention. I'm sure you don't want to hear about my ring that much.

I've had some positive attention, and some negative attention (although the negative was funny and not asexuality related, tee hee!).

The first positive attention stemmed from one of my 'options' courses.
I take IT (i.e. computers and geekery) as one of my options, and for some reason two of the... I wouldn't say 'jocks', as they are both female and British, but our equivalent of them- most 'jock-ish' people in my class also take IT.
One of them asked about my black ring, and after my evasive reply (the reply 'like a gay pride ring, but without the gayness' that usually works wasn't appropriate due to my teacher being in the room) she looked up the meaning on the computer.

Thanks to the awesome visibility that people have put out, and AVEN info, etcetera, she was able to fin the meaning after only two searches, despite using Google like an old granny (like I said, I have no idea why they're taking the class... XD). What followed was a hilarious, though slightly scary heart-to-heart straight from a romcom, as the two 'popular girls/jocks/bullies' started proclaiming how I was 'all right' and their 'sweet friend'.
Apparently, they now believe me about my asexuality (the Google granny wasn't too happy with me a few months ago, see the AVED post). At one point, the other girl clasped me to her chest and started going on about how I was her weird little nice friend/pet... I did say it was scary! :D

Anyway, the story ends well, what with the asexuality strengthened in a positive way and me disproving the she-doesn't-like-boys-so-must-be-a-lesbian thing, too.

The second story involves my mother and general family and friends. Quite a few people have asked what the ring is for, etc, which is.. Good, and not good. I'm certainly not ready to come out to family, but the fact that people are asking is a plus.

I won't bore you with details of the 'negative' aspects of wearing my LBR, apart from that fact that involved someone that was jealous that I could get away with wearing a ring to school/work and she couldn't. Either this is the institution finally sticking up for me, or I'm just lucky, haha.

Anyway, over and out!

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