Sunday, 11 July 2010

A year of AVEN, cake, and confusion

'Sup, everyone.
Due to GCSEs and random life crises, my AVENersary* completely slipped me by this year.
(2nd July, if you're wondering.)
And why is that important, you ask?

Well, AVEN is the main asexual community, and the place where most asexuals realise 'their asexualness', including me. It may be just a forum, but it has contributed to my happiness, my self-understanding, and... Dare I say it, my fashion sense (little black ring! :D).

Around a year ago, I came to AVEN hurt and confused, because I waas realising that something wasn't quite right about my reactions to certain things, blah blah blah.

My story if typical of many AVENites, and it's been funny to realise how much AVEN has affected me. There's people on there that missed me, whilst I was battling exams and school-term-endings and whatnot.
There's people that know me in person, sometimes despite having never set foot in the place I live, and having (seemingly at first) nothing more in common with me than a shared orientation.
There's people that have helped me when I have been sad, confused or angry, and people I haved helped in turn. It's the very definition of a 'proper' community.
And that's why I think I'll actually celebrate my AVENersary, belated though it may be.

I'm off to make some mug cake.

*- all thanks to other people's AVENersaries posts I skimmed 'AVENersary' off... That is one weird word. It took me ages to figure out how to spell it!


  1. Congrats on your AVENiversary; I hope you had some cake to celebrate! And I really like your background.

  2. Thanks! I've recently been bitten by the 'play around with blog/web layouts until you want to scream' bug and I liked this purple theme the best.
    And yes, I did actually have some cake. It was a cupcake, but that's our secret, right?