Friday, 11 June 2010

Warning: Post contains cheer and happiness. Proceed at own risk.

Hello, people!
I have to say, I get pretty hard by SAD, (Seasonal Affective Disorder) although it's more to do with sleep problems and lowered immune system etcetera that the serious 'SAD depression' issues. And these last few days have been glorious!

For some reason, whilst half asleep and on my way to school, I made the 'decision' to be happy. You know what they say; if you smile on the outside you'll feel happier immediately, blah de blah. Well, such a decision would never have worked in the winter, but boy has it worked this week! I've been freaking people out with my pep levels, actually. ^_^
I'm especially happy as I know that I work better in the summer, academically- and I've just taken the first (of many) GCSE exams.
I also credit my happy-increase to my black ring, and... Wait for it... Rainbow coloured nail varnish! Yes, that's right, I can be cheered up to the point of I-want-to-smack-that-girl-she's-so-damn-happy with simple bright colours and sunshine.

Hey, wait. I'm a human being, and we're pretty complex animals. So why do such simple things cheer us up? Why wasn't I told about how easy this was?
Meh, maybe it's a global conspiracy to keep psychiatrists in business. We'll never know.

I'm just off to to enjoy the sunshine!

P.S Another reason for my happiness may be credited to this Awesome Tattoo (temporary) that I got yesterday. Caketastic!

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