Friday, 2 April 2010

Asexy Meetup Part 1

Well, the plan's finally come to fruition. After weeks of careful and not-so-careful planning, I'm hoping to hop on a bus tomorrow and meet some wonderful people and have a great time. I'm all set with my pirate flag, ready to take Exeter by storm with my fellow Pedalo Pirates!
As this is my first meet, I'm a tad anxious. What if the day doesn't go smoothly, I don't enjoy it, am put off attending future days etc... I've promised myself that I'll go in with an open mind, try not to be too negative, and above all, tamp my oddness down to a minimum :P
I'll present you all with Part 2 later tomorrow.
On a different note, how has everyone's April Fool and Good Friday been? I hope you weren't the butt of too many pranks. ;D

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