Sunday, 28 March 2010

Appearance as 'art'

I've come across the "asexuals don't need sexual partners, so why bother?" question a few times, being asked with varying degrees of sarcasm, ignorance and sometimes irony.
And my answer- as with most other people- is that I'm not hyped up about my appearance in that sense (Why the skintight crop tops, ladies? *wail*), but by heck do I like to make an effort. When I'm out of the Funny Farm :P and in public, I walk past perfect strangers who look at me an make judgements based on what they see. I'm not generalising, here (I hope). I meant judgements as in "I love those Doc Martens" or "I might have to copy that some time" or "hehe, nice banana suit". My appearance is what 'speaks' to these people, and although I'm not saying you should let complete strangers dictate how you should dress, I also think this applies to other areas as well as wandering round towns and cities. Meeting new people? Unless we aren't looking forward to it, we generally take a conscious effort to portray a certain 'image'. As the old saying(s) go, "a picture is worth a thousand words" and... Some other ones I forgot, hehe.
Anyway, I take pride in my appearance as almost an art form. I often make my own accessories and jewellery, and I'm proud enough of what I make to want to display it. If I want to look serious, I'll change what I'm wearing to reflect that.
Fashion isn't just for peacocks, people.

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  1. Agreed. It just bamboozles me that some people think clothes and general presentation are nothing more than a highway to sex.