Saturday, 3 April 2010

Asexy Meetup Part 2

That was a lovely time.
In spite of the fact that there was nearly an hour gap between the first arrival and the last, and the fact that the combined efforts of myself and one other person got me hopelessly lost, the meet-up was a resounding success. The pedaloes, although not in attendance, were meant to be the crux of the entire meet and so we ended up walking round in circles for a few hours, chatting, and then eating, and then desperately running (or climbing up hills and jumping fences ;D) to the respective stations/buses home.
Although we didn't end up sticking to any form of itinerary, it was lovely to see my fellow AVENites in the flesh and I am sincerely glad that I took the time to (try) to organise a (dubiously planned) meet. I probably wouldn't have shown up to any meet other than 'my own', coward that I am, and as well as not missing out on a wonderful day I've also given myself the courage to attend a meet the next time an opportunity arises.
Thank you, fellow AVENites. I'm glad the promise of pedaloes could lure you there :D

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