Saturday, 2 October 2010

Neglect, she does!

It's been a while, and though I can't say I have an excuse, I can say I've been spending the time wisely (wisely meaning 'on non-academic procrastination).
I've been writing. Sheets and sheets, on a variety of subjects.
Okay, when I say variety, I mainly mean random drabbles and short things under 2,000 words related to asexuality, and fanfiction dabbling, but I've really enjoyed experimenting with different styles of writing and getting back into the hobby my 11-year-old self enjoyed so much.
Plus, it's been educational (gasp!) because my English has been doing well as a result. So there we go.

What I nearly missed (just like my AVENersary, did I spell that right?) was that it's been almost a whole year since I naively tried to educate my school on asexuality, and failed more than a bit. Luckily, the comments were just ignorant rather than extremely rude (to my face), although I did get the brand of 'it's your hormones... insert personal question here' and 'I bet you'll fall in love and be normal' etcetera.
Which makes it all the more special that, a year on, not only am I 'normal', but that I have fallen in love (asexy love!) and I have gotten older (a whole year!) and I'm still not normal.
I've been attracted to people and I've had chats with friends, and no, I'm not a confused asexual - admiring curly hair doesn't make me want to jump someone's bones.

Best of all, two of the most vocal people back then, who asked pretty much the most ignorant questions, are now the people who are the most understanding and who I can talk to. They wouldn't be the kind of person you'd look at and think 'yes, they have an asexual friend who (tries badly to) talk to them about the Kinsey scale and has cosy chats about sexuality with', but there you go. (I love you guys, I really do. Even though said education isn't conducive to my IT work.)

So, I think that the one day this year where I'm going to flaunt my asexuality will have less ignorant questions. I'll be able to approach it in a better way, too - and who knows, I might inform my family*.

And the whole point of this post? I get to say I told you so.** :)

*I came the closest I have ever come to coming out to my family when, during our monthly 'find a mate, dear boy, find a mate' talk, I was condescended to (babies) and told that it would be different when I was in love. I wish they knew how different so they could leave me alone..
**Yes, I'm vindictive. I'm a teenager. *cackle*

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